Sunday, December 12, 2010

Save Money For Your Wedding Reception

There are a lot of different items in your wedding. And you have to make a lot of decisions. As a matter of fact, all these items can be something very expensive. As a result you would probably want to save some money on your wedding. This is especially true for your wedding reception. Your wedding reception will make up to 50 to 70% of your budget. If you can save money on your wedding reception, you will be able to save a lot of money.

Yet one thing you have to be very clear is that saving money on your wedding reception does not mean that your reception will not be a perfect one. It is totally possible for you to have a reception which is elegant yet inexpensive. The key is that you have to be creative. And here are some ideas for you.

One of the ways to make your wedding reception less expensive is to arrange a buffet dinner. This will certainly make your wedding reception a lot cheaper.

Some people will consider hiring a live band or a wedding DJ in the wedding reception. Yes it is true that a wedding DJ or a live band can help to heat up the atmosphere of your wedding. However, it also means that you wedding will be more expensive. As a result, you may not consider this option if you would like to save money. Yet you still have to play some music or songs in your wedding reception. What you will do is to prepare a CD yourself and play it during your wedding reception. It will help to reduce the cost a lot if you do so.

A lot of couples would like to make their wedding beautiful. In fact, beautiful items do not necessarily mean that they are expensive. If you do not need them to be unique, there can be budget options. You can get very beautiful decoration materials without hurting your wallet. If you are on a tight budget, I will suggest you forget the idea of uniqueness. On the contrary, you can still make everything beautiful within your budget.

If you are going to have a really small wedding, why not host your wedding reception at your home. Since you do not need to spend the money on renting the venue, it will help to cut the cost of your wedding reception. As a matter of fact, it can be very interesting for you to host your wedding reception at your home. A reception at home will certainly be a more intimate one. It will be perfect if you would really like to enjoy the time with your guests.

The last idea is not really a way to save money. Instead, it is a way to relieve part of the burden. You may ask some others to finance your wedding reception. You may discuss with your parents or family members to see if they can help!

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