Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some Ideas For The Perfect Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes – this is the sweetest and yummiest part of the wedding. But before having a bite of the wedding cake everybody will take a look and discuss among them about the design, colors and decoration of the cake. Sometimes couples concentrate on the flavour of the wedding cake and not to the design.

But you need to make sure that both the taste and looks are equally good for your wedding cake. The reason is that you can order for the wedding cake just once and people will remember the taste and decoration for many forthcoming years. There are quite a number of varieties of wedding cakes that you get in the market.

Patterns of Wedding Cakes

The pattern of the wedding cake should reflect the preference and choice of the couple. In fact you can make them in unique shapes instead of the conventional ones. There are many pastry chefs and bakers who can help you out with catalogues, which contains almost a hundred of different wedding cake patterns.

There are cake designers who come up with innovative ideas about the wedding cakes. The variety can be added through the cake toppings, colors and icings. You will often find wedding cakes that are simple ones but decorated with laces, pearls and many other items.

Among the various types of cakes the cheesecakes, pound cakes, sponge cakes are the popular ones. The common and tasty flavours include chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

Unique Wedding Cakes

Many couples look for little uniqueness in their wedding cakes. One of the uncommon wedding cake is the ones with the medieval theme. Here the cakes are decorated with golden crowns, ribbons and pearls. You can use unique figures like a fairy or a child on the cake and make it look beautiful.

There are wedding cakes with Victorian designs which are ornamented with roses and bows. There are cakes with oriental theme topped with a pot of edible orchid. The shape of a wedding cake can be chosen according to that of flowers, pansy, rose and bird-of-paradise.

You can give preference to the wedding season while designing the cake. A spring wedding cake can be decorated with the seasonal flowers and fruits that are available in spring.

Wedding Cake Toppings

You can be innovative while choosing the toppings of the wedding cakes. The frequently used toppings are daisies, doves, hearts, roses, flower baskets and figures of the couple. You can choose toppings made of crystal, glass, plastic or porcelain.

A good catalogue can be helpful in choosing a wedding cake topping. If the theme of the wedding is fairytale then a figurine of snow white or Cinderella can make an excellent and unique wedding cake topping.

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